In 1978, Alain Mikli founded his own company with the stated mission to launch a new era for eyewear, a time when vision needs would no longer be in conflict with style and the notion of glasses as prosthesis would forever disappear and be replaced with true “jewelry for the eyes”. It was the beginning of the Alain Mikli brand and of the “eyewear designer” concept.



Carrera was founded in 1956 from an inspiration of Wilhelm Anger, an Austrian producer of sport eyewear. For the new brand, Anger takes inspiration from one of the most famous car races in the Fifties, the “Carrera Pan Americana” all the way across Mexico. The route was known throughout the world for its speed, dangerous tracing and the braveness of the participants.



A long-lasting work needs a long development time – this is especially true for the development of LUNOR eyeglasses. All models are produced by using traditional methods of manufacturing. The carefully selected factories guarantee quality, functionality and comfort. With its clear shape the glass design strengthens the balanced proportions.



Young and irreverent, Marc by Marc Jacobs chic design combines a practical urban style with irony and coloured details. This vintage-inspired collection suits current styles. Young and modern, this collection is created for those who, conscious and sure of their own style, are searching for quality products and original Marc Jacobs details, but at an affordable price. Marc by Marc Jacobs has a young target aged between 18 and 35, in search of the cosmopolitan image of New York city.



MYKITA is a modern manufactory that combines precision craftsmanship with new technologies. A constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements behind MYKITA’s collections. A key factor in the company’s success is its holistic business philosophy, which brings together expertise from all disciplines under a single roof, the MYKITA HAUS located in Berlin.



Poul-Jorn Lindberg imagined spectacles that could be designed to be simple, attractive and functional frames. To turn this idea into a realty Poul-Jorn teamed up with Hans Dissing an architect, to design a completely new revolutionary concept in luxury eyewear, with individualized eyewear. The result was the Lindberg Air Titanium and Strip Titanium frames collections.



Starck Eyes is a result of a 30 year friendship between Mr Alain Mikli and Mr Philippe Starck, who in 1996 decided to work together. With its minimalist designs, and frames inspired by the natural intelligence of the human clavicle, Starck Eyes offers a variety of designs to suit you.



Founded by a group of Easterners with diverse backgrounds, Hong Kong eyewear brand TonySame aspires to communicate “EMPATHY” in its designs. Aimed at building an Asian-fit collection answering to their needs, the brand emphasizes on functionality and comfort. Targeting customers with a luxury lifestyle and concerns about product practicality, TonySame develops styles for fashion lovers, professionals and elegant users.